How to Handle a Growing Business Team

Assembling a group of disparate employees together does not make a business team. In viable business teams, members are interdependent, communicate constantly, and pursue common goals efficiently. Here are some tips on how to build dynamic business teams for your company.

Create a Foundation

Before your business teams get down to work, lay their foundations by establishing core purposes and clearly focused goals. One viable method of getting your team on the right track is to create a written charter that defines guidelines and behavioral requirements. Clarify mutual expectations in terms of expression and creativity. Establish an open exchange of ideas so that regular communication leads to the development of new insights.

Assess Progress

As your team works together, assess work styles, behaviors, preferences, and contributions on an ongoing basis. This enables the members to learn to interact more effectively. Regular discussions help to accomplish this, and a more formal follow-up method of taking the team’s pulse involves periodic surveys to evaluate communication, trust, and conflict resolution. Consider having occasional team-building sessions during which members bond around activities that reflect your company culture.

Develop Skills

Business teams with common skill sets of problem solving, communication, feedback reception, and successfully dealing with conflict perform much more efficiently than teams that do not make the effort to cultivate these skills. At the same time, individual members bring unique talents that add value to the team, and these contributions must be acknowledged as well.

Relax Together

Amidst the stressful pursuit of company goals, don’t forget to encourage your business teams to loosen up and relax. Initiate your meetings with a few jokes or a short clip from a comedic film. Thank the team members for their contributions with impromptu meals or celebrations. Hold these fun gatherings during office hours so that you don’t intrude upon people’s personal time.

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