Introducing the Prime Start Capital Referral and Broker Program

When you want to succeed in any business, you know you need to prioritize your relationships. That’s because having a great working relationship with the other companies in your sector is the most important way your company can make sure it gets everything it needs. In the financial industry, that principle is even more so than elsewhere, and that’s why we made sure to create a referral and broker program that rewards all of our associates, especially those submitting referrals from outside the company.

When you submit or preview a deal for your clients through Prime Start Capital, you are not only guaranteed to receive some of the most competitive commissions and fees anywhere in the industry, you also get our promise. That promise is simple: your clients remain yours. No matter how great the deal, and no matter whether or not we choose to fund it, we will send your client back to you if they bring us any future deals. That way you know we are looking to work with you, and you can confidently keep bringing us your clients’ business.

Our Group Broker Program

If you are looking to make a change, we are currently hiring for regional sales positions around the country. Our sales associates enjoy a few benefits that our outside broker referrals do not, including the ability to work in a fast-paced environment with a staff who is entirely dedicated to getting your clients’ programs funded. Our company is a little different because:

  • You work from where you are with technological tools for identity and credit verification
  • You have the opportunity to earn commissions that reflect the actual footwork you put in
  • You gain the ability to access the professional development and support network that is the Prime Start Capital family

For more information about applying for a sales position, contact us today. Our associates are also ready to talk submissions and previews.