Accessing Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

When it comes to cash flow management, it’s pretty obvious that most companies need to use some kind of credit to manage their small daily purchases if they are going to make sure their cash flow is consistent. That’s because you can’t always predict when your customers will pay, but your own credit depends on having money go out at the right times. That’s where unsecured business lines of credit can help.

Using Credit Lines to Manage Expenses

Not only does a purchase on credit generally have a grace period that can help extend your credit, using your credit lines to manage your day to day expenses means obtaining a clear record of what was purchased where that you can use to reconcile submitted receipts and keep better records, and that is an invaluable resource for any small business.

Program Terms

All unsecured credit lines feature a few of the same options, but the difference comes in the size of the line. Small companies and startups generally gain access to about $50,000 with an application. Established companies making in excess of $1 million per year can expect to access around $500,000. Other features include:

  • Zero percent introductory finance periods
  • Rates one to five percent above the published federal prime rate
  • 10 minute preapprovals for just $45

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