Finding Your Commercial Real Estate Loan Package

When you are searching for commercial real estate financing, you need to be able to count on your financial partners to provide you with products that go the distance. Unfortunately, sometimes that means you will need multiple methods of financing, and that can be complex. Luckily, at Prime Start Capital, we understand those complexities, and we can simplify them by creating a full plan that involves all the different forms of financing you need to bring a project to fruition. Our selection includes many of the most sophisticated financial products available to the industry.

Prime Start Real Estate Financing Choices

  • SBA Loans are designed to help small businesses obtain the facilities they need to operate successfully, whether that means their first building or an expanded location after they have grown.
  • FHA and HUD Loans are used to support those participating in the government’s HUD program, and our associates are happy to connect you to resources if this affects your business.
  • Conventional Real Estate Loans are fixed-rate, amortizing products with 10 to 30 year terms, and their ability to cover up to $100 million in financing makes them very popular.
  • CMBS Loans function much like conventional loans, but you will save a bit on interest and trade off some prepayment ability in the bargain by going this route.
  • Mezzanine and Equity Financing is designed to provide the extra reach you need above the value that you can obtain through traditional loan financing.
  • Bridge Loans provide you with short-term coverage that lets you close a deal and start work on a property while you line up the long-term loans you need.
  • Construction Loans provide milestone goals that unlock new financing tiers to help you make sure your project stays on track.
  • International Financing is available through us. Let our associates connect you to the high net worth investment funds and individuals that make participation on the global stage possible.

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